Luc Mertens

Meet Luc Mertens

Expertise in Luxury Real Estate and Investments

My name is Luc Mertens, co-founder and the driving force behind the investment division of MDR Luxury Homes. As a seasoned entrepreneur and Flemish real estate agent, I specialize in assisting investors and luxury real estate on the Costa del Sol.

A Life Story of Entrepreneurship and Consulting

After running my own building services company in Belgium for 23 years, I decided to make a career switch with my wife Myriam. We focused on the Costa del Sol real estate market and discovered that there was a gap in specialized advice for investors in this beautiful region.

The Answer to the Changing Real Estate Market

Global events since 2020 have brought a new dynamic to the Costa del Sol real estate market. As a real estate and investment consultant, I offer an alternative to the traditional brokerage model, with a focus on customization and in-depth knowledge of local market conditions.

A Reliable Network

I have built a solid network of partners in various disciplines, such as legal, finance, and marketing, to ensure that your investment is in safe hands.

Epicurean on the Costa del Sol

In addition to my professional life, I am an avid sports enthusiast, from cycling to running to golf. Together with Myriam and our pets, I thoroughly enjoy life here. Discovering new restaurants and traveling complete my life.

Communication is King

Whether you speak Flemish, French, German, English or Spanish, communication is my top priority. I am here to speak to you and advise you in your own language.

Let’s Work Together

Are you interested in luxury real estate or thinking of investing in property? Or are you still in the orientation phase and have questions about what the best options are? Luc from MDR Luxury Homes is available to answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way. Schedule a virtual meeting with Luc to discuss your investment goals, needs and questions. Whether it is an initial exploration or a specific investment strategy, together we will find the perfect match that meets all your requirements.

Click on the link below to make an immediate appointment with Luc at a time that is most convenient for you. With Luc’s expertise in luxury real estate and investments, you are assured of professional and personal advice.

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