Enchanting Mountains: Ultimate Luxury Ski Experience at El Lodge & Hotel Maribel, Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

Spain is known worldwide for its sun-drenched coastlines, historic cities and rich cultural heritage. However, for the adventurous traveler and ski enthusiast, Spain offers a surprising and often overlooked gem: the Sierra Nevada. Located in Andalusia, this majestic mountain range is home not only to the highest peaks in the Iberian Peninsula, but also to an exceptional ski resort that offers a unique combination of sun and snow. A rare opportunity to ski with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

A Ski Paradise in Southern Spain

Just a two-hour drive from Malaga is the Sierra Nevada, an area that offers an unparalleled skiing experience in southern Spain. With peaks such as the Mulhacén, which reaches 3,479 meters, the Sierra Nevada ski area offers challenging slopes for both beginners and advanced skiers. The ski season often extends from November to May, a rare long period by European standards, giving skiers plenty of time to enjoy the snow.

Skiing in the Shadow of Giants

With 115.6 kilometers of skiable runs and 120 marked trails, the Sierra Nevada is a skier’s and snowboarder’s paradise. The quality of the snow, the excellent treatment of the slopes, and the wide range of leisure activities make it an international point of reference for modern skiers and tourists of the 21st century.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and National Park

As a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and National Park, the Sierra Nevada is an example of sustainable tourism, where adventure and conservation go hand in hand. It is an environmental paradise where sun and snow are guaranteed, and where visitors can enjoy a unique combination of sports, recreation, art, and gastronomy.

A Paradise for Snow Lovers

As the premier ski resort in southern Europe, the Sierra Nevada offers more sunny days than any other resort. The quality of facilities and services, along with the lively atmosphere, make it a top destination for snow lovers.

Real-time Webcams of the slopes and ski elevators

Innovation and Family Fun

Sierra Nevada continues to innovate with a focus on family fun, support for young athletes in the Superparque Sulayr, and the introduction of new snow disciplines such as snowboarding and freestyle. This season Sierra Nevada opens with innovations in all areas, both on the slopes and in the accommodations.

A Luxurious Ski Retreat at El Lodge & Hotel Maribel

As Spain’s sun-drenched ski paradise, the Sierra Nevada attracts visitors with vast slopes and snow-capped peaks. Against this backdrop, El Lodge and Hotel Maribel stand out as premier resorts, offering an unparalleled fusion of luxury and mountain adventure. These sister hotels, managed by Luxury Hotel Partners and part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) collection, offer a unique experience that makes every winter lover’s heart beat faster.

El Lodge: Alpine Chic and Unsurpassed Hospitality

El Lodge

, strategically located in the heart of Europe’s southernmost Sierra Nevada ski resort, flaunts excellent facilities and more than 100 km of slopes. This resort offers visitors an enviable climate and a vibrant après-ski atmosphere. Located at an altitude of 2,100 meters, El Lodge enjoys a refreshingly secluded spot in one of Spain’s most beloved ski resorts, with easy access to both Granada and Málaga, and even the beaches of the Costa del Sol within a two-hour drive.

El Lodge Sierra Nevada

Service and Facilities

El Lodge’s dynamic and mostly local team is ready to enhance every aspect of your stay, from casual moments at the bar to thoughtful dining recommendations. The on-site Iliberis ski and snowboard school offers group and private lessons with multilingual guides, while the intimate spa, in partnership with

Natura Bissé

, offers luxury facial and body products for ultimate relaxation.

El Lodge Sierra Nevada MDR Luxury Homes
Source: El Lodge


El Lodge’s 20 rooms, named after popular ski destinations, range from cozy standard rooms with balconies to the luxurious Penthouse Suite with sauna. Most rooms have private hot tubs on the terrace, and the four Deluxe Pool rooms open directly onto the outdoor pool.

El Lodge Sierra Nevada

Hotel Maribel: Sophisticated Elegance and Ski-in Ski-out Convenience

Hotel Maribel

, located at 2,250 meters in the Sierra Nevada ski resort, promises a unique blend of sophistication and alpine excitement. With direct access to the slopes and just meters from its sister hotel El Lodge, Maribel offers a sophisticated ski and après-ski chalet experience.

Hotel Maribel Sierra Nevada

Wellness and Dining

Upon entering Maribel’s lobby, you are greeted by an impressive elliptical staircase, which sets the tone for the hotel’s commitment to sophisticated elegance. Maribel’s restaurant, a dining club experience with an alpine flavor, serves savory dishes and mountain favorites in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere late into the night.

Rooms and Suites

Maribel’s 29 guest rooms and suites are carefully decorated for comfort, with warm and inviting alpine-inspired interiors featuring Finnish wood, leather furniture, and faux-fur accents.

Hotel Maribel

Whether you seek the lively après-ski ambiance of El Lodge or the refined elegance of Hotel Maribel, both properties redefine the skiing experience in Southern Europe. From the carefully designed rooms to the expansive ski areas, every detail contributes to a winter getaway that seamlessly blends mountain thrills with sophisticated relaxation. With family-friendly features, first-class dining options, and proximity to iconic destinations such as Granada and Marbella, these havens promise a memorable and diverse escape for any winter sports enthusiast.

Plan your adventure in the Sierra Nevada and experience the exclusive hospitality of El Lodge and Hotel Maribel. For an unforgettable stay where luxury, adventure and the warmth of excellent service come together, these destinations are second to none.

Sierra Nevada El Lodge Hotel Mirabel

Activities for Everyone

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the Sierra Nevada offers a wide range of activities. From snowshoeing and sledding to night skiing, the region offers entertainment for every age and interest. The après-ski scene in Sierra Nevada is lively, with plenty of options for tapas, drinks, restaurants, and nightclubs.

The Natural Beauty and Biodiversity

The Sierra Nevada transcends the traditional ski resort because of its stunning natural beauty. The area is home to remarkable biodiversity, with more than 2,100 species of plants and rich animal life, including the rare Sierra Nevada violets and unusual butterfly species. The glacier-formed landscape includes impressive valleys, glacial bowls, lakes, and moraines*, which combine to create a spectacular panorama that enriches any activity.

Why Sierra Nevada?

The Sierra Nevada offers an unparalleled experience where adventure, nature and luxury come together. Whether you are looking for the ultimate skiing pleasure, relaxation in nature, or the warmth of luxurious accommodations, the Sierra Nevada has it all.

Plan Your Adventure

Experience the magic of the Sierra Nevada and enjoy the exclusive hospitality of Hotel Maribel and El Lodge.

A special thank you to Maribel for the photos!

** Moraines are deposits of debris and rock left behind by glaciers. As a glacier moves across the landscape, it scrapes material from the Earth’s crust, ranging from fine sediments to large boulders. This material is then transported through the glacier and eventually deposited when the glacier melts or retreats. There are different types of moraines, depending on where and how the material is deposited by the glacier:

  • Terminal moraines (terminal moraines): These form at the ends of a glacier and mark the furthest point the glacier has reached.
  • Side moraines: Found along the sides of a glacier, formed by material falling from the valley walls and accumulating at the edges of the glacier.
  • Middle moraines: Formed when lateral moraines of two merging glaciers meet and form a line of debris in the middle of the merged glacier.
  • Ground moraines: Material deposited uniformly beneath the glacier as it moves or melts, often resulting in a layered blanket of sediment over the landscape.

Moraines are important because they help reconstruct the history and movements of glaciers, giving scientists insight into climate change over geologic time scales. They also form unique landscape elements and can provide important habitats for various plant and animal species.

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