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Tee time in Marbella: een van de meest populaire golfbestemmingen van de Costa del Sol

Tee time in Marbella: one of the Costa del Sol’s most popular golf destinations

As we edge closer to summer there is a magical feeling in Marbella. This is the time when the heady scent of Dame de Noche fills the air, the nights become warmer and the allure of a swimming pool and an ice-cold drink are irresistible. Although, low season, as the days are a little too hot play, golfers can often be seen out in full force for an early morning round and taking advantageous of the...

Iglesia Del Carmen Estepona Andalusia Spain Europe

Why 2024 is the year for savvy investors to buy property in Estepona

Málaga Province is an enormous area, incorporating vast swathes of beautiful Mediterranean coastline, villages, towns and cities, each with their own special unique character and charms. Unless you are familiar with a specific area or have a previous preference, the sheer scale of choice makes it difficult to decide where you should buy your dream home. From the magnificent apartments for sale in Málaga...

Waarom 2024 hét perfecte moment is om te investeren in vastgoed aan de Costa del Sol - Blog - Myriam de Roye

Why 2024 is the right time to purchase investment property on the Costa del Sol

It’s official, Marbella has been awarded the title of the ‘Best European Destination in 2024’. A survey undertaken by the European Best Destinations organization polled over 1 million holiday makers to find the 20 most popular locations, out of a list of 500. Marbella comfortably won first prize, with a clear majority of votes, as being the best place to visit in 2024. Marbella comfortably won first...

Net zero sustainable luxury property Costa Del Sol

There is an ever-growing awareness of the perils of climate change and that everyone must play a part in the solution, and this includes property developers, real estate agents and homebuyers. In Spain, the government is actively promoting sustainable building practices by offering incentives such as tax breaks, subsidies and favourable financial conditions.Luxury buyers want sustainable...

Why now is the best time to buy a luxury property on the Costa del Sol

Málaga and the Costa del Sol have long been associated with opulence and luxurious living, where prices are steadily rising year after year. Nicknamed the "sunshine coast," it attracts newcomers not only for its coveted lifestyle, with relaxation and freedom, but also promises career prospects. Recently, however, the idyllic coast has become even more desirable with the long-awaited drop in real estate...

Finca Cortesin

Finca Cortesin: Smart Investing in Luxury Resort Real Estate

Any high-end real estate agent involved in real estate investment will tell you that the best places to invest are in areas with consistently stable prices. A good example of this is the luxury real estate market on the Costa del Sol particularly Finca Cortesin, where there is an ongoing high demand and shortage of luxury homes. Within this luxury real estate sector, there is still a niche market for...

Vista Lago Residences Real de la Quinta Benahavis MDR Luxury Homes

High Demand: Luxury Real Estate Marbella

Any experienced real estate agent in Marbella will tell you that this is an extraordinary time for luxury property sales in Marbella. The gap between supply and demand for million-dollar homes has never been wider, making competition for the limited supply of luxury homes in this highly sought-after beach resort even fiercer. Marbella has the 5 most expensive streets in Spain According to...

Costa del Golf MDR Luxury Homes

The Costa del Golf: A Comprehensive Guide For Golfers and Investors in Southern Spain

The Costa del Sol, better known to many as the Costa del Golf, is not just another tourist hotspot. For golfers, it is a paradise, with an array of golf courses that are among the top in Europe. But what makes this area so special for both novice and experienced golfers? In this article, we take a closer look at all that the Costa del Golf has to offer. Where does the name "Costa del Golf" come from? The...

Spanish golden visa, golden visa spanje, golden visa, gouden visum, spanje

The Spanish Golden Visa: Your Gateway to a Luxury Life on the Costa del Sol

Introduction The Spanish Golden Visa program is more than just a visa; it is a gateway to a life of luxury and convenience on the beautiful Costa del Sol. Since its launch in 2013, it has been a magnetic attraction for investors outside the EU. In this article, we discuss the ins and outs, the pros and cons, and the procedure to obtain the Golden Visa. What exactly is the Spanish Golden Visa? The Spanish...

Forbes Malaga

Why Forbes Finds Málaga a Top Destination

World-renowned American magazine Forbes has compiled a list of 20 cities around the world where Americans like to live, invest, start new projects and retire. However, this list is also highly relevant to Europeans. Málaga placed tenth in this top 20. But why exactly Málaga? Let's see. Criteria from Forbes According to Forbes, the capital meets several criteria, including international schools, a good...

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