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There is an ever-growing awareness of the perils of climate change and that everyone must play a part in the solution, and this includes property developers, real estate agents and homebuyers. In Spain, the government is actively promoting sustainable building practices by offering incentives such as tax breaks, subsidies and favourable financial conditions.

Luxury buyers want sustainable investment

Sustainability is increasingly at the forefront of buyers’ minds and at the top of the wish list for many luxury real estate buyers who want to invest high-end properties that will align with their ethics. For many buyers, it is no longer sufficient to find luxury villas for sale in Marbella Spain and the surrounding areas, sustainable development is a crucial step towards dealing with the threat of climate change and also represents a savvy investment strategy.

At the very least if you are purchasing a premium standard property, for example new developments on Marbella’s Golden Mile, you’ll expect an energy efficient design, high quality sustainable building materials, and particularly in Southern Spain, water conservation measures to be in place. A good example of a sustainable development is El Higueron, an established exclusive resort occupying a completely private elevated coastal position above the coastal resorts of Fuengirola and Benalmadena, and just a short 15-minute drive to Málaga airport. At the heart of this highly sought-after resort, you’ll find Core Higueron, which not only redefines luxury, it is also an environmentally friendly development.

Myriam De Roye explains why sustainable luxury real estate is becoming the most prevalent trend in Marbella property, “For many years, the Costa del Sol has been synonymous with the exclusive lifestyle of million-dollar mansions. Today, this beautiful stretch of coastline is now at the forefront of sustainable property development and recognized by luxury real estate buyers for innovative environmentally friendly architecture incorporating energy saving solutions, eco-friendly initiatives, sustainable materials and smart technology.

Core Higueron, Core Higuerón Fuengirola
Core Higuerón

What is sustainable property development?

When we talk about sustainable development, we mean more than adding solar panels. The entire construction project should be designed as net-zero or neutral homes, using the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions and smart technology, for saving resources and safeguarding the environment. This can be achieved by designed and developing property with energy efficient heating, lighting and appliances, advanced insulation and effective airflow etc.

However, environmentally friendly property development doesn’t just refer to energy savings, it takes into account sustainable building practices. It is important that construction methods do not deplete natural resources or upset the natural ecological balance of the land. The World Green Building Council reports that building is responsible for 42% of annual global carbon emissions, so it is crucial for developers to use sustainably produced wood, reduce the amount of cement (its production accounts for 8% of global emissions) by using more eco-friendly options.

Net zero cost savings

Net zero homes offer long-term cost savings for home owners, particularly in Spain where the abundance of sunshine allows homeowners can harness its power and convert it in to electricity. Although, the cost of building new sustainable luxury property in Marbella or the wider Costa del Sol is often slightly higher, by generating clean energy it is possible to achieve considerable long-term energy and cost savings.

Core Higueron, Core Higuerón Fuengirola
Core HIguerón

Increased property value

As the trend towards sustainable luxury real estate on the Costa del Sol increases along with awareness of climate change, more and more buyers are prioritising environmentally friendly homes. Making net zero homes worth considering as investment properties, as they sell faster and at higher prices than other properties.

The growing importance of green building practices on the Costa del Sol can only benefit developers, homeowners and also the environment, delivering improved quality of life, higher property prices, lower energy bills and a positive impact on the environment.

Whether you’re looking for your dream home or an investment property on the Costa del Sol or you would like further details of the sustainable luxury properties in Core Higueron, your real estate agent should be your first port of call, in order to arrange those crucial early viewings. Get in touch contact Myriam on My****@md************.com

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